Weekly News About Internet Domains

Part of new web domains is the now very real potential to devote to a niche topic a blog or a commercial venture with a cool domain ending and the potential for making the URLs on the site cover all needed keywords in the root of the site domain. For a client I am working on which is aimed at indexing over time for dog friendly Carmel hotels. Here the needed keyword combination simply requires a /friendlyhotels/index.html or /friendly-hotels.html. Google will focus on CONTENT which by being defined in the URL forces one to make a dedicated project and motivates one to be a real authority on this niche market search theme. This example is where new web domains reach towards geek heaven; a domain which is perfectly named for its purpose and forces one to work to make it worthy of its name. Related: Carmel Dog Friendly Hotels

On this page you will find an index of curated news about ICANN, domain services, registrars, DNS, internet governance and a lot about new internet domain endings.

- Ardan Michael Blum

08/07/2017 -  Includes: Slovaks Worry About the Future of Their Country's .SK TLD

08/03/2017 -  Includes: : Medical startup secures millions of dollars in funding on a ccTLD

06/27/2017 -  Includes: Landrush Phase launches .africa domain

06/22/2017 -  Includes: Domain name registry Donuts agrees to buy Rightside for $213M in cash 

06/08/2017 -  Includes: .VIP becomes powerful and .ECO has been launched 

05/28/2017 -  Includes: .radio Domain to Launch Soon

05/18/2017 - Includes: XYZ to  double its domain registration numbers with ingenious “hack”

05/01/2017 - Includes: .Art will have 3.5 million premium domain names

04/23/2017 - Includes: Pirate Bay Founder and Other Internet Activists Launch Domain Privacy Service see:

04/06/2017 - Includes: Judge orders Verisign to transfer domain name

03/30/2017 - Includes: ZA Central Registry wins .africa domain battle, ready to launch

03/23/2017 - Includes: New gTLD Summary

03/16/2017 - Includes: World's 1st internet domain was registered 32 years ago

03/07/2017 - Includes: ICA Concerns Heard — Copyright UDRP on Indefinite Hold

02/15/2017 - Includes: Antitrust feds probing Verisign’s .web deal

01/13/2017 - Includes: DCA files for ANOTHER .africa injunction

01/05/2017 - Includes: Reports Over $500K in Sales In December 2016

12/19/2016 - Includes: Editorial : China’s domain over-speculation is hurting the domain industry

12/12/2016 - Includes: Why Donuts is Called Donuts

12/07/2016 - Includes: 200,000 domains put on hold to protect Kiwis

11/28/2016 - Includes: .ART, the first internet domain dedicated to arts & culture, launches with more than 60 renowned museums & arts organisations

11/17/2016 - Web Domain Headlines Include: Emoji could soon take over domain names

11/10/2016 -  Domain News Includes:  .VIP : Over 418,000 Domain Registrations