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This is a non-official blog by Ardan Michael Blum in Palo Alto. It shares weekly global news about ALEX KARP CEO of Palantir Technologies. This project is made with great admiration for Dr. Karp. It is made – in part – as a means to communicate directly with Alex Karp: Message

About Dr Alexander Caedmon Karp – Overview

Alex was born on October 2, 1967 in Philadelphia.

He is bilingual in English and German and speaks French. Alex earned his Law Degree from Stanford University (where he and Peter Thiel became friends) and received his Ph.D. in Neoclassical Social Theory from the University of Frankfurt (he studied with Jurgen Habermas).

He founded Caedmon Group, and was Co-founder of Palantir Technologies Inc. Palantir was founded in 2003 /2004 as a private software and services company specializing in big-data intelligence analytics, analysiscyber security, and more. He is also listed as Director at RoboteX.

In print: Aggression in der Lebenswelt: Die Erweiterung des Parsonsschen Konzepts der Aggression durch die Beschreibung des Zusammenhangs von Jargon, Aggression und Kultur (Aggression in the living world : The extension of Parsons’s concept of aggression by the description of the link of jargon, aggression and Culture) and in PDF for download / Second PDF can be seen on a browser without download. More about Talcott Parsons and further reading about Parsons. See other publication by Alexander C. Karp. More:  Wikipedia About Alex and Palantir Technologies
– Please note this is in no way a complete biography.

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Outstanding company – making substantial impact on global counter-terrorism, medical advances and social progress using the rare mix of human perception and big data; at the highest levels. It is run by one of the coolest CEOs in Palo Alto; A freethinker with PHD and passion.

Message for Dr. Karp

I would ADORE working for Palantir Technologies.

It may be the right day to hire a NEW passionate geek.

I work with a “zoom-into” ability; perception and interpretation and needed coding.

– Ardan Michael Blum.


Born in 1970. I am Bi-lingual, French and English. I graduated from the International School of Geneva, Switzerland in 1988. I went on to get a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from Bennington College, Vermont. Over the past 25 years I have become highly specialized in SEO and ORM. Today I run A. Blum Localization Services in Palo Alto


I love photography. Am an amateur cellist (since 1975). Have been very active in Freemasonry. I adore being with Dachshunds and a few other things …

Ardan Michael Blum - CEO at A. Blum Localization Services, Palo Alto, CA


More: contact@localization.company Phone: +1 650 427-9358

I have purchased a few sites which I am CERTAIN would be of use to Palantir. Example of how re-directed sites matter would be Oracle’s use of www.iteration.com which takes one to their official site. So too the domain that I own CAN be given to you for various internal and external uses.
First: http://palantir.iteration.solutions/ or any sub domain that you would wish via: www.iteration.solutions.
iteration.solutions THIS DOMAIN IS AVAILABLE TO PALANTIR WITHOUT ANY CHARGE WHAT SO EVER – AS A GIFT. (And you do NOT have to hire me to get full control of this rather good domain name). Call me: 650 427-9358 and upon validation I will transfer domain ownership to you. No strings. Also note that currently iteration.solutions has robot commands to BLOCK crawling by search engines. I have also – with the SAME FREE OFFER the domains: iterate.live, iterate.info and a fun one: stanford.farm which I thought could be filled with memories that both Peter and you might share – as inspiration for the next generations on The Farm.

‘Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius.’ – W. Blake

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Weekly news about Palantir Technologies and Alex Karp is updated on Thursday afternoons in Palo Alto.