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Dr. Alexander Caedmon Karp was born on October 2, 1967 in Philadelphia. He is bilingual in English and German and speaks French. Alex Karp earned his Law Degree from Stanford University (where he and Peter Thiel became friends) and received his Ph.D. in Neoclassical Social Theory from the University of Frankfurt (he studied with Jurgen Habermas).

He founded Caedmon Group, and was Co-founder of Palantir Technologies Inc. Palantir was founded in 2003. Today Palantir is making substantial impact on global counter-terrorism, medical advances and social progress using the rare mix of human perception and big data; at the highest levels.

Alex Karp is also listed as Director at RoboteX.

In print: Aggression in der Lebenswelt: Die Erweiterung des Parsonsschen Konzepts der Aggression durch die Beschreibung des Zusammenhangs von Jargon, Aggression und Kultur (Aggression in the living world : The extension of Parsons’s concept of aggression by the description of the link of jargon, aggression and Culture) in PDF. More about Talcott Parsons and further reading about Parsons. See other publication by Alexander C. Karp.

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Sampling of Alex Karp Interviews and Presentations:

This special section has updates on Palantir IPO news:

  • First published October 2016. Last updated 11/25/2017


Alex Karp, co-founder and CEO of Palantir Technologies, discusses his company
going public and what investors and employees can expect. He talks with Rolfe
Winkler at the WSJ.D Live technology in Laguna Beach.


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- This is is in no way an all inclusive review of articles online.


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- This is is in no way an all inclusive review of articles online.