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Palo Alto vs East Palo Alto


Across a single bridge are found two worlds. In East Palo Alto: 300.000 to 1 million dollar homes and on the other side of this bridge 2 to 15 million dollar homes in Palo Alto!

 Example – 890 Bell St. East Palo Alto, California:

See map in LARGE format for the 9 minute drive from Bell St, East Palo Alto to Melville Ave in  Palo Alto:

Today in East Palo Alto a huge number of poor and lower middle class people are trying to make ends meet about 9 minutes by car from the downtown section of one of the most expensive cities in the United States. – See: In heart of Silicon Valley, all but highest earners being priced out.

Essential to note:  Ended are the days of drug gang killings which plagued the 1990s and gave – in 1992 – East Palo Alto the highest murder rate in the US

See detailed demographics for EAST PALO ALTO and PALO ALTO

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