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Palo Alto CEO - List (Beta)

ABOUT: Palo Alto and more generally Silicon Valley is home to many of the world's largest high-tech corporations and thousands of startup companies. Like myself, many who live in Palo Alto year-round may wish to put a face onto a name. Most of us will recognize ELON MUSK, or ELIZABETH HOLMES if they were on University Av. But would this be the same for PAT GELSINGERRON GUTMAN or another lesser known Palo Alto Tech firm CEO? Hence this page - to allow you to know WHO MIGHT be standing right next to you; a little memorization of faces and profiles here and you might get to pitch your new startup idea while waiting on line for a coffee. This Palo Alto CEO index is meant for ease and rapid access to profile pages and company information. (CFOs, CTOs or other management can be found via the company profile link).



Tim Brown   |   IDEO

Eoin Dowling   |   Boxfish

Pat Gelsinger   |   VMWare

Ron Gutman   |   Healthtap

Jack Herrick   |   Wikihow

Elizabeth Holmes   |   Theranos

Alex Karp   |   Palantir Technologies

Mike McCue   |   Flipboard

Elon Musk   |   Tesla Motors

Chris Tolles   |   Topix 

Silicon Valley CEOs

(Beta) by Company Name:

Advanced Micro Devices  (AMD)   |   Lisa Su 

Agilent Technologies    |   Mike McMullen

Alphabet Inc.   |   Larry Page

Apple Inc.   |   Tim Cook

Applied Materials   |   Gary E. Dickerson

Brocade Communications Systems   |   Lloyd Carney

Cisco Systems   |   Charles H. "Chuck" Robbins

eBay   |   Devin Wenig

Electronic Arts   |   Andrew Wilson

Facebook   |   Mark Zuckerberg

Google   |   Sundar Pichai

HP Inc.   |   Meg Whitman

Intel   |   Brian Krzanich

Intuit   |   Brad D. Smith

Juniper Networks   |   Rami Rahim

Netflix   |   Reed Hastings

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