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There is a saying “The paranoid survive the best in war”. And without a doubt I take web security seriously.

I keep my external (hardware) firewall to block almost everything inbound. And use a good antivirus. Next I tweak the actual settings on my windows system.

Then I get patches, turn off flash, control cookies and JavaScript and use: has 2 great advantages over any other VPN systems I have seen and tried: 1) multi hop and 2) Firewall.

As stated: “When connecting to a normal singlehop VPN service your Internet traffic is routed through a single VPN server. With a multihop VPN service it is routed through 2 or more VPN servers in different jurisdictions. This technology has been carefully incorporated into the IVPN network using the same 256 bit OpenVPN encryption as the singlehop VPN servers.” More

IT Security Tips

Then for most of my searches I use (which is in fact

It offers you a dedicated single view/single connection with lots of possible tweaks:

  • Unique, clientless on-demand technology. No browser plug-ins or client software required
  • Intelligent handling for JavaScript pages & Macromedia FLASH / ACTIVE SCRIPT multimedia
  • Accelerated 128-bit SSL stream encryption & web content download compression
  • Comprehensive set of user-customizable Internet privacy & web security options
  • Secure & private access customer portal website
  • Online Internet Cookie Management and remote cookie storage and More

Screenshot: Megaproxy / - IT Security Tips

In addition – when using this: You may wish to use and  “

And tweak the really first rate Spyshelter:

I custom rules to control my computer from being managed by malware. More

Naturally web security is a never ending matter and the best form of security is to not use the web for private information sharing.  So: what I present above is NOT an assurance of total privacy. It is only the start of maybe 20 more things needed to be “safer”.

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