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Palo Alto Tourism

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Welcome! This Palo Alto Tourism Guide is made by a local resident as a not-for-profit project. We will be looking at great places to visit. Note: For ease, the whole tourism guide is made in an extremely long scrolling page which may take a few seconds to load. We will journey together to the HP garage, Google offices, Facebook offices, Stanford’s Palm Drive, historic sites, museums, the Rodin sculptures at Stanford, and provide you with lots of facts about the wonderful City of Palo Alto! 

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About the City of Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a LARGE AREA with TWO train stations: Downtown – the main station and the smaller California Avenue stop. The City of Palo Alto extends across 36 neighborhoods (map of each neighborhood).

The City of Palo Alto is located 35 miles south of San Francisco and 14 miles north of San Jose. Palo Alto is a charming mix of old and new. It has been ranked as the 6th best place to live in America for 2016. Palo Alto’s earliest recorded history dates from 1769, when Gaspar de Portolá noted an Ohlone settlement.

The establishment of Stanford University in 1885 made Palo Alto home to one of the world’s leading places of learning. 53 years later, The Hewlett-Packard House and Garage became the birthplace of the world’s first high-technology region which would soon be known as “Silicon Valley.” It was in the mid 90s that the true impact of this revolution started to be felt worldwide – as the Internet became a means of mass communication and the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area became a hub for CEOs to set up some of the most important tech firms on earth.  Today: As of the 2010 census, the city’s total resident population is 64,403. About 39.000 people come into the town daily for work related reasons.

It is interesting to note that in the last 40 years a large portion of the downtown shops have changed. See this page for an overview of historical landmarks which include the Palo Alto Tower Well, the beautiful post office, and further away the touching Stanford Mausoleum

External site: Calendar of weekly events in Palo Alto

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