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Ardan Michael Blum - 01/08/2018

Aggregated Global Domain News Blog - Index:

Domain news for: 01/08/2018 - Includes: WATCH: Africa gets own domain name

Domain news for: 12/31/2017 - Includes: Iran blocks internet services in bid to quash protests

Domain news for: 12/15/2017 - Includes: The real battle for net neutrality begins: The people v. FCC

Domain news for: 12/08/2017 - Includes: EU urges internet companies to do more to remove extremist content

Domain news for: 12/01/2017 - Includes: Russia threatens to set up its 'own internet' with China, India and pals – let's take a closer look

Domain news for: 11/23/2017 - Includes: FCC will block states from passing their own net neutrality laws

Domain news for: 11/11/2017 - Includes: Australian government seeks advice on management of .au domain

Domain news for: 11/08/2017 - Includes: GoDaddy paid $50 million for two latest domain portfolio acquisitions

Domain news for: 11/01/2017 - Includes: A. Blum Localization Services - SEO, Palo Alto has a brand new site online: Localization Company

Domain news for: 10/23/2017 - Includes: ICANN to Reconsider the .Amazon Domain Applications

Domain news for: 10/16/2017 - Includes: Google Domains Launched in India

Domain news for: 10/02/2017 - Includes: ICANN delays KSK rollover after new data derails plans

Domain news for: 09/20/2017 - Includes: Verisign Extends Registered Exchange Offer for Its 4.750% Senior Notes Due 2027

Domain news for: 09/11/2017 - Includes: 9/11 Memorial Websites, ICANN, DNS and MORE Domain News

Domain news for: 08/27/2017 - Includes: Why the alt-right can’t build an alt-internet

Domain news for: 08/20/2017 - Includes: Venezuela: Crisis brings .VE domain Registry down

Domain news for: 08/07/2017 - Includes: Slovaks Worry About the Future of Their Country's .SK TLD

Domain news for: 08/03/2017 - Includes: : Medical startup secures millions of dollars in funding on a ccTLD

Domain news for: 06/27/2017 - Includes: Landrush Phase launches .Africa domain

Domain news for: 06/22/2017 - Includes: Domain name registry Donuts agrees to buy Rightside for $213M in cash

Domain news for: 06/08/2017 - Includes: Early .VIP results suggest 70%+ plus renewal rate

Domain news for: 05/28/2017 - Includes: .Radio Domain to Launch Soon

Domain news for: 05/18/2017 - Includes: confirmed to be the largest domain sale in history

Domain news for: 05/01/2017 - Includes: .Art will have 3.5 million premium domain names

Domain news for: 04/23/2017 - Includes: Pirate Bay Founder and Other Activists Launch Domain Privacy Service

Domain news for: 04/06/2017 - Includes: Judge orders Verisign to transfer domain name

Domain news for: 03/30/2017 - Includes: ZA Central Registry wins .Africa domain battle, ready to launch

Domain news for: 03/23/2017 - Includes: New gTLD Summary

Domain news for: 03/16/2017 - Includes: World's 1st internet domain was registered 32 years ago

Domain news for: 03/01/2017 - Includes: Internet now has nearly 330 mn domain name registrations

Domain news for: 02/15/2017 - Includes: Antitrust feds probing Verisign’s .Web deal

Domain news for: 01/13/2017 - Includes: DCA files for ANOTHER .Africa injunction

Domain news for: 01/05/2017 - Includes: Reports Over $500K in Sales

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