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Welcome to a not-for-profit, sampling of internet news! Weekly: Here we focus on important Internet personalities and entrepreneurs, the latest on web security, privacy issues, internet governance, domain law, ICANN headlines, DNS information, big data collection, and domain news! Our objective is to give you a curated rapid overview of web headlines and a surprise extra section if you scroll to the end of this page!


03/15/2018 – Includes: Canada considering tax on internet giants

03/06/2018 – Includes: Washington Governor Signs First State Net Neutrality Bill

02/22/2018 – Includes: SpaceX launches demo satellites for its high-speed internet project.

02/14/2018 – Includes: FCC chairman backs SpaceX plan for internet satellites.

02/08/2018 – Includes: John Perry Barlow, ‘visionary’ internet pioneer, EFF co-founder, dies aged 70.

01/31/2018 – Includes: Cuba hands note of protest to U.S. over internet task force.

01/20/2018 – Includes: Large investment to improve internet service in Great Northern Peninsula.

01/08/2018 – Includes: WATCH: Africa gets own domain name.

12/31/2017 – Includes: Iran blocks internet services in bid to quash protests.

12/15/2017 – Includes: The real battle for net neutrality begins: The people v. FCC.

12/08/2017 – Includes: EU urges internet companies to do more to remove extremist content.

12/01/2017 – Includes: Russia threatens to set up its ‘own internet’ with China, India and …

11/23/2017 – Includes: FCC will block states from passing their own net neutrality laws.

11/11/2017 – Includes: Australian government seeks advice on management of .au domain.

11/08/2017 – Includes: GoDaddy paid $50 million for two latest domain portfolio acquisitions.

11/01/2017 – Includes: A. Blum Localization Services Palo Alto news.

Also by your webmaster: Offline EducationPalo Alto Tourism and in French: Seniors Geneve

10/23/2017 – Includes: ICANN to Reconsider the .Amazon Domain Applications.

10/16/2017 – Includes: Google Domains Launched in India.

10/02/2017 – Includes: ICANN delays KSK rollover after new data derails plans.

09/20/2017 – Includes: Spanish police raid .Cat domain name registry offices.

09/11/2017 – Includes: 9/11 Memorial Websites, ICANN, DNS and MORE Domain News.

08/27/2017 – Includes: Why the alt-right can’t build an alt-internet.

08/20/2017 – Includes: Venezuela: Crisis brings .VE domain Registry down.

08/07/2017 – Includes: Slovaks Worry About the Future of Their Country’s .SK TLD.

08/03/2017 – Includes: Bright.md : Medical startup secures millions of dollars in funding on a ccTLD.

06/27/2017 – Includes: Landrush Phase launches .Africa domain.

06/22/2017 – Includes: Domain name registry Donuts agrees to buy Rightside for $213M in cash.

06/08/2017 – Includes: Early .VIP results suggest 70%+ plus renewal rate.

05/28/2017 – Includes: .Radio (dot radio) domain to launch soon.

05/18/2017 – Includes: Cars.com confirmed to be the largest domain sale in history.

05/01/2017 – Includes: .Art will have 3.5 million premium domain names.

04/23/2017 – Includes: Pirate Bay founder and other activists launch domain privacy service.

04/06/2017 – Includes: Judge orders Verisign to transfer CostaRica.com domain name.

03/30/2017 – Includes: ZA Central Registry wins .Africa domain battle, ready to launch.

03/23/2017 – Includes: Minds + Machines says .vip domain name now being marketed in Japan.

03/16/2017 – Includes: World’s 1st internet domain was registered 32 years ago.

03/01/2017 – Includes: Internet now has nearly 330 mn domain name registrations.

02/15/2017 – Includes: Antitrust feds probing Verisign’s .Web deal.

01/13/2017 – Includes: DCA files for ANOTHER .Africa injunction.

01/05/2017 – Includes: NameJet.com Reports Over $500K in Sales.

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Information is provided as a historical, not-for-profit, sampling of internet news.

This is a subjective collection! The content is curated with the aim to provide a rapid overview of weekly internet news which seems to me to be of interest.

Since early 2017 when this blog was first started I have noted that a large amount of the content I provide does focus on the United States.

I hope you will visit us weekly for new internet news!

Ardan Michael Blum



Ideas for the World Wide Web date back to as early as 1946 when William F. Jenkins (1896—1975) wrote A Logic Named Joe under the pen-name “Murray Leinster”. This short story described how computers (that he referred to as ‘Logics’) lived in every home, with each one having access to a central device where they could retrieve information.

From fiction to reality: “For many years, small groups of computers have been interconnected in various ways. (…) In 1968, after considerable preliminary investigation and discussion, the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the Department of Defense (ARPA) embarked on the implementation of a new kind of nationwide computer interconnection known as the ARPA Network.” (….) More via: The interface message processor for the ARPA computer network by F. E. Heart, R. E. Kahn, S. M. Ornstein, W. R. Crowther, D. C. Walden.

See also: ARPA leading to ARPANET, and Interface Message Processor (IMP).

From the 1960s till the early 1990s ISO protocols and TCP/IP networking were being established as a (…) “solution to the lack of interoperability between the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) data communications standards and the NATO standards based on the International Organization for Standardization concept for open systems interconnection is presented. The solution is based on conversion between a common subset of the US DoD Transmission Control Protocol and the ISO Class 4 Transport Protocol at the Transport layer, which is the first layer offering any end-to-end service.” Via: Conversion Between the TCP and ISO Transport Protocols as a Method of Achieving Interoperability Between Data Communications Systems by I. Groenbaek.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland at the CERN as a means to use computers to connect ideas.

Tim had written the three fundamental technologies that remain the foundation of today’s web:

In 1993 a computer program called the Mosaic browser transformed the Internet from an academic tool to become more than just a document exchange tool. It was not the first browser, but it was the first to include icons, bookmarks and featured aimed at non-geek types; the dream of a networked world was nearing realization! Other systems of note include: Netscape (see “Before Netscape: the forgotten Web browsers of the early 1990s), electronic mail, mail lists, news groups, ftp (Index of /afs/cern.ch), Gopher (a distributed document search and retrieval protocol), Archie search as well as ever growing (early) online content.

The first Internet server located in Geneva. And here is an image of the first website:

See more about the first website made at CERN on my site www.egeneve.ch

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Make sure to see this rare, and amazing document: The world-wide web

The Internet and the rules and laws that govern it is a rapidly changing landscape! So do check back next week for more curated Internet news and bookmark this page now!