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About This Internet News Site

We provide a weekly analysis of global internet news headlines indexed by continent with in-depth definitions, videos, maps, photography, street views, historical information & more! The objective of this site is to give you a curated rapid overview of global web headlines as a historical, not-for-profit overview of Internet news. 

We focus on important Internet personalities and entrepreneurs, the latest on web security, web privacy issues, internet governance, domain law, ICANN headlines, DNS information, big data collection, and more!

Here you’ll find links to articles that will help you to keep up-to-date on important security issues, domain law, ideas to take your web marketing to the next level, and articles about important movers and shakers in the field.

If you’re a web user interested in Internet privacy and security, you’ll find useful and educational articles linked from here that will help you to stay informed on the latest information to keep your web browsing safe and secure. Enjoy your visit to our pages!

Moving from US Internet News to a Global View

Since 2017 (when this Internet news source first started) I have noted that a large amount of the content provided kept a focus on the United States (see: a second link from for first rate insights on the impact of US media).

Here: Effective since March 2018 our American news becomes NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICAN Internet news! We turn the focus from Canada to Chile and beyond; per continent with a new (top of page) navigation and expanded content for users who visit using screen readers (thanks to audio and PDF files).

Archive – Internet News from 2017 (before the full site update).

12/31/2017 – Includes: Iran blocks internet services.

12/15/2017 – Includes: Net neutrality & the people v. FCC.

12/08/2017 – Includes: EU wants to remove extremist content.

12/01/2017 – Includes: Russia may to set up its “own internet”.

11/23/2017 – Includes: State by state net neutrality laws.

11/11/2017 – Includes: Advice on the management of dot AU.

11/08/2017 – Includes: Godaddy & $50 million for acquisitions.

11/01/2017 – Includes: My Palo Alto Tourism post.

10/23/2017 – Includes: .Amazon domain applications.

10/16/2017 – Includes: Google Domains lLaunched in India.

10/02/2017 – Includes: ICANN delays KSK rollover.

09/20/2017 – Includes: Spanish police raid .Cat registry offices.

09/11/2017 – Includes: 9/11 Memorial Websites.

08/27/2017 – Includes: Alt-right and an alt-internet.

08/20/2017 – Includes: Venezuela’s .VE domain registry down.

08/07/2017 – Includes: About .SK TLD.

08/03/2017 – Includes: news.

06/27/2017 – Includes: Landrush for dot Africa.

06/22/2017 – Includes: Donuts to buy Rightside for $213M.

06/08/2017 – Includes: Early .VIP results.

05/28/2017 – Includes: .Radio domain to launch soon.

05/18/2017 – Includes: huge domain sale.

05/01/2017 – Includes: News about dot Art.

04/23/2017 – Includes: Pirate Bay founder’s new service.

04/06/2017 – Includes: domain name news.

03/30/2017 – Includes: .Africa domain battle.

03/23/2017 – Includes: Dot VIP being marketed in Japan.

03/16/2017 – Includes: Flashback to world’s 1st domain.

03/01/2017 – Includes: 330M domain name registrations.

02/15/2017 – Includes: Feds probing Verisign’s .Web deal.

01/13/2017 – Includes: DCA files dot Africa injunction.

01/05/2017 – Includes: reported sales. 

Archive – Internet News from 2018 (before the full site update in late March). 

03/15/2018 – Includes: Canada’s possible new Internet taxes.

03/06/2018 – Includes: WASHINGTON STATE net neutrality bill.

02/22/2018 – Includes: SpaceX’s high-speed internet project.

02/14/2018 – Includes: FCC chairman backs SpaceX.

02/08/2018 – Includes: EFF co-founder dies aged 70.

01/31/2018 – Includes: Cuban protest over internet task force.

01/20/2018 – Includes: Great Northern Peninsula Internet news.

01/08/2018 – Includes: Africa gets own domain name.


Weekly Internet News - rapid navigation:

05/18/2018: Australia / Oceania Internet news headlines Includes: NZ takes lead in Pacific Cyber-Security network. And over half of Kiwis concerned by privacy, as GDPR looms.

05/04/2018: Australia / Oceania Internet news headlines Includes: New Zealand government proposes online shopping “Amazon tax”. Also: Google-backed Sydney to Japan cable construction commences.

04/26/2018: Australia / Oceania Internet news headlines Includes: Australia joins NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and Insight into how NZers engage with Internet search.

03/22/18: Australian government proposes a tax for web shopping

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05/18/2018: The Americas in Internet News Headlines Includes: Pew study shows 34% of U.S. senior citizens don’t use the Internet and the views of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey that the Internet deserves is own cryptocurrency.

05/06/2018: The Americas in Internet News Includes: What to Expect at Google I/O 2018 and Twitter recommends changing your password after internal audit shows they stored it in plain text.

04/25/2018: South, Central and North American Internet News  Includes: Cuba participates in ITU Council session and Afilias plans to file IRP to halt dot Web.

03/30/2018: State Department Social Media Visa Vetting

03/22/2018: Internet News Includes FCC’s Broadband Map

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05/18/2018: European Internet News Headlines Includes: New EU strategy on Artificial Intelligence.

05/04/2018: European Internet News Headlines Includes: Ad blocking deemed legal in Germany.

04/28/2018: European Internet News Headlines 
Update about a surprising European Commission document called Notice to stakeholders: withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU rules on .eu domain names which states: “As of the withdrawal date, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU, and natural persons who reside in the United Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to renew .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date.” See More

04/23/2018: European Internet News Headlines

04/17/2018: French Government Making Encrypted Messaging App 

03/22/2018: Fury as BT rural connection charges for rural Internet …

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05/18/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Mobile tools to unlock the productivity of African utilities’ workforces. And Thaicom to expand distribution network in Africa.

05/08/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Microsoft to train 600K Egyptian teachers on new technologies. Also: Kenya looks to blockchain tech for settling land disputes. And: Tanzania Bloggers Win Temporary Court Order Against $900 Licence Fees …

04/30/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Angola to have a new satellite in orbit by 2020 with the help of Russia. Also: Israel surprises Baka Pygmies with Internet access …

04/26/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Google wants to bypass Africa’s slow internet speeds with a faster search app.

03/27/2018: Looking at mobile Internet use in Chad

03/22/2018: Includes Nigeria’s affordable Internet costs

05/18/2018: Asian Internet News Headlines Includes: Indian e-commerce likely to cross $100bn mark by 2020. And: China’s Alibaba Group Holding Ltd buys Pakistan e-commerce firm Daraz.

04/30/2018: Asian Internet News Includes: Iran bans use of Telegram messenger. Also: Online skin trade fuels Myanmar elephant slaughter and it has been one year already since Turkey’s Wikipedia ban went into place.

04/24/2018: Asia in Internet News  Includes: Study that Bangladesh is the lowest internet using country in Asia Pacific.

04/16/2018: Ooredoo to Put Oman on the Map for Internet-Of-Things 

03/22/2018: Mitsubishi Electric expands ‘internet of things’ alliance

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04/26/2018: Antarctica Internet news headlines Includes: European Polar Infrastructure Database launched.

03/22/2018: Includes Emperor penguins capture epic selfie in Antarctica

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