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Africa | Internet News: Nigeria #1 Affordable Internet in Africa?

Nigeria may have the most affordable Internet in Africa**

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A map of the percentage of the population of African countries using the Internet in 2015 (see table for 2000 and 2015 data by individual country). Image via. More info on

A world map colored to show the level of Internet penetration (number of Internet users as a percentage of a country's population).

Internet users in 2015 as a percentage of a country’s population Africa clearly shows as the largest single area behind the digital divide. Source: International Telecommunications Union.

Map is made by Jeff Ogden (W163) – Own work, based on figures from the  Wikipedia:List of countries by number of Internet users article in the English Wikipedia, which is in turn based on figures from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) for 2010 (updated to use figures for 2012 on 28 June 2013).

African governments are withholding millions of dollars meant to increase internet access

Unexplained internet blackout in Ethiopia’s Oromia region

View of this area:

Oromia is one of the nine ethnically based regional states of Ethiopia, covering 284,538 square kilometers.Wikipedia. Full map of Oromia region.




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