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New: How Does Blockchain Change the Web?

The Americas | Internet News Includes: FCC’s Broadband Map

FCC unveils new broadband map, offering more data on US internet access

See:…, and

The Argentine Internet Chamber launches South American IXP network

About: (…) “An internet exchange point (IXP) is a physical network access point through which major network providers connect their networks and exchange traffic. The primary focus of an exchange point is to facilitate network interconnection through an exchange access point instead of third-party networks”. Via

More: List of Internet exchange points, Internet Exchange Directory, and a PDF “On the importance of Internet eXchange Points for today’s Internet ecosystem

EGS Survey starts survey in Chilean Patagonia

More: About EGS

Chile to Adopt Blockchain Technologies to Monitor Electricity Network

Wondering how Blockchain Technologies can monitor and electric network?

Article 1: How Blockchain Could Give Us a Smarter Energy Grid

Article 2: Can blockchain help us to address the world’s energy issues?

Article 3: How Blockchain Technology Can Reinvent The Power Grid

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