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Australia/Oceania | Internet News: $7 Tax for all Internet Shopping?

Australian government proposes $7 tax for all internet shopping

A tax of between 2 and 7 AUD per package (when buying products from overseas) is being proposed by Australian Federal Government


Buying over the InternetImporting by MailPrices, Surcharges & Receipts | For Consumers |

Blast from the past:  GST threshold for overseas online shopping could fall from $1,000 to $20

About: GST (Goods and Services Tax) in PDF

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Australia Is Considering Making It Illegal for ISPs to Advertise Inflated Speeds

From the Parliament of Australia: Competition and Consumer Amendment (Misleading Representations About Broadband Speeds) Bill 2018

Second recap: Australia considers banning ISPs from listing internet speeds they cannot provide

Further: Speed Test Sites | Australian Internet Service Providers | Second list

Blast from the past: Internet performance firm Ookla has released its broadband speed statistics for Australia, revealing which retailers provide the fastest internet in each city


About New Zealand’s first 5G mobile test site **

About: 5G uses a radio spectrum with super-fast response times, allowing a full-length movie to download in just a few seconds. This fifth-generation wireless broadband technology is based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard. More: All the proof you need that 5G phones are coming in 2019

Question: Will present smartphones support 5G network? – Quora

Quote on 5G: “(…)At Mobile World Congress 2017, Samsung showcased its 5G Home Routers, which achieved speeds of up to 4 gigabits per second, according to PCMag. That’s 500 mega bytes per second, which could let you download a 50 GB game in under two minutes, or a 100 GB 4K movie in under four minutes. (…)” Via’s article

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