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Index of African Internet News Headlines – Weekly Updates

05/24/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: South African motorists fall victim to massive online data leak. And: What Does GDPR Mean For African Startups?

05/18/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Mobile tools to unlock the productivity of African utilities’ workforces. And Thaicom to expand distribution network in Africa.

05/08/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Microsoft to train 600K Egyptian teachers on new technologies. Also: Kenya looks to blockchain tech for settling land disputes. And: Tanzania Bloggers Win Temporary Court Order Against $900 Licence Fees …

04/30/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Angola to have a new satellite in orbit by 2020 with the help of Russia. Also: Israel surprises Baka Pygmies with Internet access …

04/26/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Google wants to bypass Africa’s slow internet speeds with a faster search app.

03/27/2018: African Internet News Headlines Includes: Looking at Internet access by mobile phone in Chad and across the African continent.

03/22/2018: African Internet News Headlines  Includes: Nigeria said to have most affordable Internet in Africa.

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