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Index of The Americas in Internet News Headlines – Weekly Updates

05/24/2018: The Americas in Internet News Headlines Includes the view of the EFF that “All California Kids Deserve Internet Access—Including Youth in Detention and Foster Care.”

05/18/2018: The Americas in Internet News Headlines Includes: Pew study shows 34% of U.S. senior citizens don’t use the Internet and the views of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey that the Internet deserves is own cryptocurrency.

05/06/2018: The Americas in Internet News Includes: What to Expect at Google I/O 2018 and Twitter recommends changing your password after internal audit shows they stored it in plain text.

04/25/2018: South, Central and North American Internet News Headlines Includes: Cuba participates in ITU Council session and Afilias plans to file IRP to halt dot Web.

03/30/2018: State Department Social Media Vetting for US Visas

03/22/2018: Internet News Includes FCC’s Broadband Map

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