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Palantir Technologies IPO News

Sampling 2018 press articles about a possible Palantir Initial Public Offering


Though there is no certainty, it is understood that Palantir may go public at any point from the middle of 2019 to the end of 2020. But, with all the speculation and, frankly, at times amazingly volatile valuation estimates it may be wise for Palantir to ultimately decide to stay private for a few more years.

The irony of being a super-secret company, is that though it may be one of most valuable firms in the world, it suffers greatly in brand recognition. 

What is being said:

According to the site "(...) In 2015, Palantir had a valuation of around $20.0 billion. But some bankers have told the company it could have an IPO with a valuation of as much as $41.0 billion. (...) Like many technology companies, that would be a lofty valuation. The company told investors it expects to report 2018 revenue of around $750.0 million, up 25% from $600.0 million in 2017. (...) That would translate into an IPO valuation that’s 55 times its 2018 revenue. Compare that to Uber’s $120.0-billion valuation on expected 2018 revenue of $10.0–12.0 billion. (...)"

A Palantir Technologies Inc. IPO could be one of the biggest we've seen this decade, reports Rob Copeland at the Wall Street Journal:

(...) Palantir is discussing with investment banks Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley plans to go public as soon as the second half of 2019, the people said. Some bankers have told the firm it could go public with a valuation of as much as $41 billion—depending in part on the timing—or twice what it was most recently valued by private investors, the people said.

People familiar with the plans said they remain in flux, and that Palantir could ultimately decide to stay private or offer shares at a lower price to what is being discussed. (...)

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