Welcome to this made in Palo Alto SEO Blog by Ardan M. Blum CEO at: A. Blum Localization Services in downtown Palo Alto, CA.


Welcome to this made in Palo Alto SEO blog with global search engine optimization news.

Blog updated weekly by Ardan M. Blum CEO at A. Blum Localization Services in Palo Alto, CA.

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When you live (as I do) in the town where Google web search was created you have to get SEO right or move. Palo Alto is my home and I plan to stay here doing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and share ideas, tips and my LOVE of the process that gets you into the top five results.

Here is a short list of essential search engine optimization rules:


It may be said that to rank well your new web domain on Google.com you MUST take into account:

1) The time that a visitor spends on your pages.
2) That your site MUST propose ORIGINAL and quality content.
3) The VOLUME / content must EXPAND on a weekly basis over several month as your NEW information allows you to become an authority for the keywords / topics it presents.

Other Factors: Good inbound quality links, good URLs, good meta tags, perfect or close to perfect outbound links, text IN photographs (text ABOUT images), social media embedding (Youtube videos and/or Twitter / other content placed in your site) and at least +300 words (per post) that use correctly H1-H6 tags.


Google has somehow understood another factor: a sort of ranking by what might be called a LOVE FACTOR which seems to say: “Hi I am a Google LOVE Factor DETECTION robot –  I will help you achieve good ranking when I can detect YOUR PASSION put into your work and do not forget to use hyperlinks and …. a bit more.”