Discover our Palo Alto SEO Company:

Since June of 2016, A. Blum Localization Services is situated in downtown Palo Alto, California; quite literally within the epicenter of Silicon Valley. Our objective is the same for all clients, namely to provide lasting, organic, multiple results on the first page of google(dot)com. Also, on request, we can work on ensuring multiple top ten results on regional data centers -such as on google(dot)ch in French, German and/or in Italian.

We work month by month and at a set fee of 65 dollars per hour! This amazing rate is our way to take over clients from SEO firms that are charging far higher and generally not offering better organic, top ten results.

​We believe that the single most important aspect to Search Engine Optimization is quality, expanding, original content. We believe that organic ranking will hold over time and increase in power as we aim to increase the time visitors spend on our client’s pages.​

The Nielsen Norman Group has a first rate-page “How Long Do Users Stay on Web Pages?” where one reads “(…) Users often leave Web pages in 10–20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer.”​​ We aim to make our client’s web content authority pages for the chosen keywords, topic(s) and/or theme(s).

SEO, as we see it, functions best by sharing knowledge and insight. The reward for this labor of love is high ranking.

In detail: By expanding quality content we provide lasting organic top ten results. When visitors spend more and more time on a site (especially when they came to that site from a keyword search) most search engines are able to give the site high marks (and trust) by seeing how visitors remain attentive and on our client’s pages. In the old days the understanding was that one could “tweak some meta tags to generate more visitors, leads, and sales”.

Today, one has to do a lot more to make a business stand out! Yet, the tweaks of old still do exists. In fact, along with high quality expanding authority content there are 30 to 40 issues to validate! See our Organic Search Engine Optimization Checklist​ (of these a few are essential and some are optional).​

Let us look at a few of the important tweaks:

OUTBOUND link building is one of the points on this checklist that I feel strongly about. It allows you to use (per example a PDF document sourced on via Google Scholar) to validate what you are saying! And this validation process is the key to the concept of how and why Google came to life!

Remember that links were first viewed by search engines as a means to RECOMMEND and/or VOTE for content. And links going to extremely high value validation of statements matter greatly, in my view.

​​INBOUND linking matters, obviously, as well. Yet, unlike most SEO firms, we do not spend countless hours billing our clients for low quality inbound links. The high bar is set by us to establish within the body of press articles keyword rich text links to our client’s site and we create as well dedicated smaller sites (such as a glossary, or extensive blog) or subdomains from which we have full link building control. ​​

Ranking on local search is similar to a serious chess game. First, for some local data center results, you will need to have good quality inbound links from regional press and well established local websites WITHIN the niche/topic area of the given keywords or keyword phrases you want to rank for. Next, you will have to produce IN THE REGIONAL LANGUAGE social media. This is done, per example, with a French Youtube account. Or by using the power of a blog hosted with the IP range of the given country. Note: This is not a one size fits all process. (Example: – from experience seems far more attentive to the REGIONAL content than say a search using Google UK).

​​​​As included in the checklist, we focus on a needed relationship in wording between image ALT descriptions, H1 to H3 tags on a page, URL naming and a meta description. Getting all these to include the core keyword phrases and related keywords is a important. But, again, nothing compares to sharing knowledge!​​