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Stage 1: Guide to Search Engine Optimization

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The most essential aspect of a SEO is the routine you establish. Content expansion (by which we speak of quality, original work which aims to make
your site or blog an authority on a given topic or niche market and/or search) done right involves a serious level of motivation and patience. 

I would estimate that a new website will require 5 months of effort with a routine that must be kept to. 

Creation of a page per week is a must. Take one or two hours to EXPAND on the previous content you wrote the week before.
Again: expansion is your mission. Google will respect you as an authority from this effort and reward you with lasting ranking and web traffic.  

But long before Google trusts you the first target is to have site visitors RETURN to your content and spend AT LEAST a few minutes on your pages
- new and interesting is the key.

BEFORE YOU PUBLISH YOUR PAGE take time to re-read your prose and to optimize your meta tags, get proper ALT and TITLE image descriptions,
and seek good reference outbound links.

Time To Start:

Stage one of any SEO discovery is to focus on becoming an AUTHORITY FOR THE KEYWORDS YOU WISH TO APPEAR WELL RANKED FOR. 
In other words CONTENT that is expanding, of quality, interesting and new to the internet will be the most important aspect to your SEO success.

How Search Works: 

More: support.google.com

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