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New Web Domains - About:

The first new web domains were launched in 2014 and continue to be released. These domain extensions - known as "new generic top-level domain(s)" or new gTLD(s) - offer a chance for you to have per topic niche / brand & market control.

Examples of new Internet domain extensions:

1) A made in Palo Alto SEO blog hosted on - with personalization and clarity in purpose!
  2) SEO Meetups at Iterate.Live



- Increase in international extensions for non-English web users.

- City name extensions will promote tourist destinations and help greatly in bringing an international brand to a local market.

- Just like we can today search a file type such as PDF, in time, we may be able to search sites that use a given web domain ending!

- May create more high value content online (as webmasters expand their pages to become authority sites on selected terms and/or themes).

- Should make it easy to recall a website name by association with what the brand does or what the website presents.

Sampling New Web Domains:

Lifestyle / Identity

.adult”,“.arab”, “.army”, “.baby”, “.beauty”, “.beknown“, “.best”, “.bet”, “.bible”, “.bingo”, “.bio”, “.black”, “.bom“, “.camp”, “.cards”, “.care”, “.catholic”, “.ceo”, “.christmas”, “.church”, “.club”, “.community“, “.contact” “.contractors”, “.cool”, “.dad”, “.dating”, “.democrat”, “.diet”, “.diy”, “.dog”, “.events”, “.exposed”, “.express”, “.faith”, “.family”, “.fan”, “.fans”, “.fashion”, “.garden”, “.gay”, “.gent”, “.giving”, “.group”, “.guide”, “.guitars”, “.guru”, “.hair”, “.halal”, “.health” “.hiphop”, “.hiv”, “.imamat”, “.indians”, “.irish”, “.islam”,“.ismaili” ...

Media TLDs

.actor”, “.art”, “.arte”, “.audio”, “.band”, “.book“, “.broadway“, “.buzz”, “.audible”, “.events”, “.exposed”, “.film” “.gallery”, “.media“, “.mov”, “.movie”, “.movistar”, “.music” “.press”, “.radio”, “.review”, “.reviews”, “.show”, “.song” “.theater”, “.theatre”, “.tips”, “.tunes”, “.video”, “