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Introductory thoughts about search engine optimization by Ardan Michael Blum CEO at A. Blum Localization Services.


About your ranking on Google: I estimate that 60% of success in organic (natural results) SEO is derived from making your content become an authority for your chosen keyword phrase(s). Said differently: CONTENT IS KING WHILE CONTEXT IS QUEEN!


Once this content/context creation work is done, the time arrives to tweak your page(s) and server files, establish high value OUTBOUND links* that validate what you have been saying, get backlinks, and check your server files, domain DNS records, and Content Management System

Be aware to not over-optimize your work! For example: You may be tempted to constantly place your page's focus term into the alternative text description of images. This works if the image itself relates to the keyword. Note: If the image is NOT related, then say clearly (respecting accessibility-friendly rules) what is shown. 

Important: There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all checklist in SEO. Each project needs customization of on-page and off-page techniques.

Take-away: Your success as an authority is achieved with knowledge sharing. Do not write for Google bots!


To understand if your page is a success I often suggest to clients that they watch with great attention the average viewing time (site-wide as based on 500 visits) to see if the stats for this viewing time increase. Aim for 2 minutes!

This is a sign of human interest and trust in your page which is a confirmation that you are doing things right!

Tip: Use Microsoft's Clarity. It is free and provides heatmaps, color coded scroll map and more.


If you are using your site’s blog to include the announcement of a reoccurring event, then maybe it time, instead, to make a small dedicated site instead? 

For this small site focus on having an F.A.Q page, videos and even PDF files.

This will help you obtain (as long as there is quality content on this small site) multiple top ten results on a search engine.

* Seeking high-quality outbound links helps you establish authority. These links validate your statements and increase trust; a vital ranking factor. 

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