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About New Web Domains

The first new web domains were launched in 2014 and continue to be released. These domain extensions - known as "new generic top-level domain(s)" or new gTLD(s) - offer a chance for you to have per topic niche / brand & market control.

Examples: A made in Palo Alto SEO blog hosted on - with personalization and clarity in purpose. Or: A firm's site at "" (yes!) sharing updates on


- Increase in international extensions for non-English web users.

- City name extensions will promote tourist destinations.

- May generate a more “emotional connection” with target users.

- May  allow for search engines to index per new web domain endings. 

Sampling New Internet Domains:

Lifestyle / Identity 

.adult”,“.arab”, “.army”, “.baby”, “.beauty”, “.beknown“, “.best”, “.bet”, “.bible”, “.bingo”, “.bio”, “.black”, “.bom“, “.camp”, “.cards”, “.care”, “.catholic”, “.ceo”, “.christmas”, “.church”, “.club”, “.community“, “.contact” “.contractors”, “.cool”, “.dad”, “.dating”, “.democrat”, “.diet”, “.diy”, “.dog”, “.events”, “.exposed”, “.express”, “.faith”, “.family”, “.fan”, “.fans”, “.fashion”, “.garden”, “.gay”, “.gent”, “.giving”, “.group”, “.guide”, “.guitars”, “.guru”, “.hair”, “.halal”, “.health” “.hiphop”, “.hiv”, “.imamat”, “.indians”, “.irish”, “.islam”,“.ismaili

Media TLDs

.actor”, “.art”, “.arte”, “.audio”, “.band”, “.book“, “.broadway“, “.buzz”, “.audible”, “.events”, “.exposed”, “.film” “.gallery”, “.media“, “.mov”, “.movie”, “.movistar”, “.music” “.press”, “.radio”, “.review”, “.reviews”, “.show”, “.song” “.theater”, “.theatre”, “.tips”, “.tunes”, “.video”, “.娱乐("entertainment"), “.新闻("news").

Generic New Domain Names

.black”, “.blue”, “.boo“, “.circle”, “.club”, “.community”, “.day” “.dot”, “.duck”, “.fast”, “.final”, “.finish”, “.fire”, “.free”, “.fun” “.fyi”, “.glass”, “.goo”, “.got”, “.green”, “.hangout”, “.here” “.holiday”, “.hot”, “.how”, “.ieee”, “.ist”, “.jot”, “.joy” “.like”, “.limited”, “.limo”, “.maison”, “.makeup”, “.meet”, “.meme”, “.memorial”, “.mint”, “.moe”, “.moi”, “.moto”, “.ninja”, “.now”, “.nowruz” (Persian new year), (II), “.one”, “.ong”, “.onl”, “.ooo”, “.ott”, “.page”, “.pars”, “.pid”, “.pin”, “.ping”, “.pink”, “.play”, “.plus”, “.prod” “.productions”, ...

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Food and Drink Web Extensions

.bar”, “.beer“, “.cafe”, “.catering”, “.cityeats”, “.club” “.coffee”, “.cooking”, “.eat”, “.food“, “.grocery” “.kitchen”,.menu”, “.organic”, “.pizza“, “.pub” “.recipes”, “.restaurant”, “.retirement”, “.review” “.reviews”, “.rsvp”, “”, “.tips”, “.wine” “.食品“ ("food"), “.餐厅 ("restaurant").

Educational Internet Domain Endings

.academy”, “.college”, “.courses”, “.degree” “.education”, “.ged”, “.mba”, “.phd”, “.prof” “.scholarships”, “.school”, “.schule”, “.science” “.shiksha”, “.study”, “.training”, “.translations” “.university”, “.wiki” ...

Commerce Web Domains

.ads“, “.auction”, “.bargains”, “.bid”, “.blackfriday”, “.buy”, “.cab” “.capital”, “.center”, “.charity”, “.cheap”, “.claims”, “.compare” “.coupon”, “.coupons”, “.deal”, “.dealer”, “.deals”, “.delivery” “.discount”, “.ecom”, “.equipment”, “.exchange”, “.flights” “.flowers”, “.free”, “.furniture“, “.gift”, “.gifts”, “.gripe”, “.grocery” “.jewelry”, “.kaufen”, “.kitchen”, “.lotto”, “.parts”, “.party” “.photo”, “.photography”, “.photos”, “.pics”, “.pictures” “.plumbing“, “.promo”, “.qpon“, “.racing”, “.repair”, “.rsvp” “.sale”, “.salon”, “.save”, “.seat”, “.shoes”, “.shop”, “.shopping”, “.silk”, “.spa”, “.space”, “.store”, “.supplies”,...

Business Web Domains

.ads“, “.agency“, “.associates“, “.booking“, “.business“, “.career“ “.careers“, “.center“, “.ceo“, “.club“, “.company“, “.corp“, “.ecom“ “.enterprises”, “.farm”, “.forum”, “.gives”, “.gle”, “.global” “.gmbh”, “.inc”, “.institute”, “.insure”, “.lifeinsurance”, “.llc” “.llp”, “.ltd”, “.ltda”, “.management”, “.marketing”, “.new” “.news”, “.ngo”, “.partners”, “.press”, “.sarl”, “.services” “.solutions”, “.srl”, “.studio”, “.trade”, “.trading”, “.ventures”, “.wiki”, “.xin“, “اتصالات.”, “.企业“, “.公司“, “.商标 “, “.集团“...

Sports Related TLDs

.baseball”, “.basketball”, “.bike”, “.boats”, “.boutique”, “.club” “.coach”, “.cricket”, “.dance”, “.fan”, “.fans”, “.fish”, “.fishing” “.fit”, “.fitness”, “.football”, “.futbol”, “.game”, “.games”, “.golf” “.hockey”, “.juegos”, “.mls”, “.rodeo”, “.rugby”, “.run”, “.ski“ “.soccer”, “.sport”, “.sports”, “.spreadbetting”, “.surf” “.team”, “.tennis”, “.tickets”, “.yoga”, “.游戏("games") .

Real Estate Web Domains

.apartments”, “.build”, “.builders”, “.casa”, “.case”, “.condos” “.estate”, “.forsale”, “.haus”, “.home”, “.homes”, “.house” “.immo”, “.immobilien”, “.lease”, “.mortgage”, “.place” “.properties”, “.property”, “.realestate”, “.realtor”(PDF), “.realty” “.reit”, “.rent”, “.rentals”, “.prime”, “.room”, “.studio”, “.villas


.clinic”,”.dental”,”.dentist”,”.diet”, ”.docs”, ”.doctor”, ”.health”,“.healthcare”,”.hiv”, ”.hospital”, ” .med”,”.medical”,”.pharmacy”(PDF), “.physio”,”.rehab”,”.support”,”.surgery” ...

Geographic Web Domains

.abudhabi”, “.africa”, “.alsace”, “.amsterdam”, “.aquitaine”, “.arab”, “.barcelona”, “.bayern”, “.berlin”, “.broadway” “.brussels”, “.budapest”, “.bzh”, “.capetown”, “.city”, “.cologne” “.corsica”, “.country”, “.cymru”, “.desi”, “.doha”, “.dubai” “.durban”, “.earth”, “.eus”, “.gent”, “.global”, “.hamburg” “.helsinki”, “.international”, “.irish”, “.istanbul”, “.joburg”, “.kiwi” “.koeln”, “.kyoto”, “.land”, “.london”, “.madrid”, “.melbourne” “.miami”, “.moscow”, “.nagoya”, “.nrw”, “.nyc”, “.okinawa” “.osaka”, “.paris”, “.persiangulf”, “.place”, “.quebec”, “.rio” “.roma”, “.ryukyu”, “.saarland”, “.scot”, “.shia”, “.stockholm”, “.stream

Technology Domains

.app”, “.blog”, “.box”, “.cam”, “.camera”, “.chat”, “.click”, “.cloud”, “.codes”, “.computer”, “.comsec”, “.contact”, “.contractors”, “.bot”, “.data”, “.date”, “.dev”, “.digital”, “.direct”, “.directory”, “.docs”, “.domains”, “.dot”, “.download”, “.drive”, “.call”, “.email” “.fail”, “.feedback”, “.graphics”, “.help”, “.host”, “.hosting”, “.link”, “.map”, “.media”, “.mobile”, “.mov”, “.network”, “.online” “.phone”, “.report”, “.review”, “.reviews”, “.rip”, “.search” “.secure”, “.site”, “.software”, “.solar”, “.space”, “.storage” “.stream”, “.support”, “.systems”, “.tech”, “.technology”, “.tips” “.tube

Professional Internet Extensions

.abogado”, “.accountant”, “.accountants”, “.airforce”, “.archi”, “.architect”, “.army”, “.associates”, “.attorney”, “.author”, “.broker”, “.career”, “.careers”, “.ceo” “.club”, “.cpa”, “.dds”, “.democrat”, “.dentist”, “.doctor” “.engineer”, “.engineering”, “.esq”, “.expert”, “.florist”, “.law”, “.lawyer”, “.legal”, “.mba”, “.navy” “.republican”, “.vet

New Money and Finance Endings

.accountant”, “.accountants”, “.analytics”, “.bank”, “.banque”, “.broker”, “.capital” , “.cash” , “.cashbackbonus”, “.cfd” , “.cpa”, “.credit” , “.creditcard” , “.estate”, “.exchange”, “.finance”, “.financialaid” , “.fund” , “.gold”, “.gratis”, “.holdings”, “.investments”, “.ira”, “.loan”, “.loans” , “.market” “.markets”, “.money” , “.mortgage” , “.mutual” , “.mutualfunds” , “.pay”, “.reit”, “.rich”, “.prime” , “.security” , “.tax”, “.trust”, “.yun”, “.vermögensberater”, “.vermögensberatung

Internationalized Internet Domains

.公司 , .工行 , .ابوظبي , .عرب , .書籍 ("book") , .католик , .كاثوليك, .天主教 , .手机 , .慈善 , .電訊盈科 , .クラ , , .商店 , ...

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